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A natural way of filtration. Reed bed filtration is simply an augmentation of the natural system, plant life and beneficial bacteria servicing the nitrogen cycle requirement of your pond.

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Reed Beds do not need to be a monoculture of reeds! Almost any plant that lives with its roots in water has the capability to transport oxygen down to its roots.

This oxygen helps feed the bacteria which digest and metabolise of many materials including pollutants which might otherwise contaminate an ecosystem. It also reduces the nitrates and phosphates which help starve and kill all algea and blanket weed.

Reed bed filtration is also used in the oil industry. You may have noticed reed beds next to petrol forecourts and service stations. These systems treat all the foul drainage and hydrocarbon-contaminated surface run-off, while ensuring safe operation of the facilities in terms of odour and contamination risk. The treated water can then be discharged into streams and ponds.

Harry can design a reed bed filter that looks as if it is a natural part of the environment.  If you have an existing pond it is quite a straightforward job to fit a reed bed filtration system.

It doesn't have to be ugly or dull and can even compliment your water garden.



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