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All images shown have been designed and constructed by ourselves

Welcome to The Pond Building Company.

Our aim is to capture scenes from nature and reconstruct them for our clients.  For all enquiries please contact Harry on 07860780011

What is a water garden??  Water gardens can take on many different forms from the smallest pebble pool to a huge man made lake and anything in between, contact us and we can construct them all!

Our water features aim to create the illusion that they have been created by nature and blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Each individual rock is hand picked from the quarry, ensuring all the components of the feature can be harmoniously blended. Our construction methods are designed in such a way as to seemingly disappear, hidden by the use of natural rock and gravel.  These features can then be landscaped around according to your preferences but can include patio's, gazebo's, lawns, rockeries whatever you desire!

Man's love affair with water is something that has endured across the countries from the oceans and rivers to eventually our own personal space. In the garden water is not only needed for the survival of plant life but in its own right can be a thing of great beauty and used to create many different effects.

Building award wining water gardens for over 20 years. Accolades include: Southport Flower Show & Tatton Park RHS Flower Show. Let us create a unique feature in your garden. Our water features are created using natural stone, pebbles and gravel to give a natural look which can blend in seamlessly with the surroundings of a traditional garden so that it looks like part of the landscape or can create a stark contrast in a more contemporary setting...

Different effects can be created from your feature with the use of a number of pumps depending on the size of the feature, this can create a flow ranging from a slight trickle to a powerful cascade of water that creates an audible as well as visual impact . We also create hard landscaping designs not just around our water features but as landscaping contractors without water and are Marshalls Registered Contractors offering 10 year guarantees where marshalls products are used as well as offering planting services, design and construction

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    Project details

    • Various projects

      As the seasons change so too does the water feature in your garden, a water feature is almost a living thing, all year round it will attract wildlife as diverse as dragonflies and frogs etc, the surface of the water will reflect what is happening...

    • Brindle Project

      Our latest completed project in Brindle near Chorley. Our client was delighted with the finished project and the professional and friendly manner in which the work was carried out. The completed project looked stunning and the fish are really happy!! Contact Harry at The Pond...

    • Tree Surgery

      In addition to our pond design and construction we also carry out tree work from site clearance, felling and pruning.  Please note that no tree work will be carried out unless it has been verified with local councils that there are no tree preservation orders,...

    • Hard Landscaping

      In addition to our traditional building expertise and flair for rock and water creations, we are also able to accommodate all aspects of more modern landscaping. We believe that quality is all-important, and as such specify high quality materials throughout all of our designs. Contact...