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Welcome to The Pond Company.
Our aim is to capture scenes from nature and reconstruct them for our clients. With the expert design of our leading garden designer Harry, who designed & constructed all the gardens on this site. This makes The Pond Company the number one choice for rock and water gardens.
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Pond & Lanscape Design Title
Pond and Landscape Design

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With the expert knowledge of our leading garden designer Harry, make The Pond Company your first choice for rock and water gardens. Our specialist skills are available for all environments both large and small, from simple waterfalls and ponds to complex streams and lakes.   We have options available for all different scenarios, whether you are looking for dramatic, child friendly, small, large, traditional or modern we can accomodate your dreams and turn them into reality.  We can create any design you would like from the planning stage, through build and execution to the drawing up of planting plans, for more information please don't hesitate to contact us on 07860780011

Plans drawn, planting lists and planting plans drawn up, supply and planting of plants, lighting schemes and exterior power supplies from qualified electricians, drainage reports and installation of drainage, consultants for when planning permission is needed for large ponds and lakes, environmental consultancy and bank stabilisation on large bodies of water.  We can also retro fit reed bed filtration systems to existing water features.




Pond Maintenance
Tatton Park Winning Garden Knutsford Cheshire

07860780011 / 01695 422603
For nearly 2 decades we have constructed award winning gardens for the famous RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park. In 2014 we were awarded a Silver Medal . Our 2015 application was accepted and we are delighted to say we had yet another award winning garden at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, book your tickets for next years show directly from the RHS website and come and see our work first hand.  Here you can speak to our designers face to face and book an appointment for them to come out and carry out an appraisal, hopefully we got the chance to chat to quite a few of you at the show.  From our initial concept the build evolves as we start but we still incorporated a summer house supplied by Crown Pavillions and a patio but the organic shape of the pond was slightly altered to take into consideration the natural contours of the land.  Here is our silver award winning garden from last years show (2015) .  We are heading back to Tatton Park RHS Flower Show this year (2016) where you will be able to see our award winning designs first hand, look forward to seeing you there!


Koi Ponds
Reed Bed Filtration

07860780011 / 01695 422603
A natural way of filtration. Reed bed filtration is simply an augmentation of the natural system, plant life and beneficial bacteria servicing the nitrogen cycle requirement of your pond. Our highly skilled team have many years experience in setting up and maintaining reed bed filtration.
This is an eco friendly, sustainable and very cost effective way of dealing with filtration for your pond or water feature whether big or small.  Contact us today on 07860780011 for more information and to arrange a site visit where we can start a feature from scratch or add a filtration system to an existing feature.

Pond maintenance is essential to help keep the water clean and to help reduce the risk of blanket weed and algae.  We can arrange for trained personel to carry out regular maintenance.  Maintenance typically consists of the removal of silt and debris, thinning out overgrown plants, cleaning the filters, pumps and replacing UV lights if necessary.  If your pond is looking less than its best after the winter we are the best people to get it looking tip top for the season ahead.

A reliable and abundant supply of oxygen is essential to keep ponds healthy and to improve and maintain water quality.  Whilst waterfallls can help with this, additional aeration can be obtained using air pumps, diffusers or aerating fountains.  These can be supplied and installed either in new water features or fitted retrospectively.  Aeration is important as it helps increase healthy microbe levels which in turn will reduce the nitrates that would feed algae and therefore reduce the risk of algae growing.

Welcome to the Pond Company

07860780011 / 01695 422603
Welcome to The Pond Company t/a Aughton Green Landscapes. Our aim is to capture scenes from nature and reconstruct them for our clients.

What is a water garden??  Water gardens can take on many different forms from the smallest pebble pool to a huge man made lake and anything in between, contact us and we can construct them all!

Our water features aim to create the illusion that they have been created by nature and blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Each individual rock is hand picked from the quarry, ensuring all the components of the feature can be harmoniously blended. Our construction methods are designed in such a way as to seemingly disappear, hidden by the use of natural rock and gravel.  These features can then be landscaped around according to your preferences but can include patio's, gazebo's, lawns, rockeries whatever you desire!

Man's love affair with water is something that has endured across the centuries from the oceans and rivers to eventually our own personal space. In the garden water is not only needed for the survival of plant life and wildlife but in its own right can be a thing of great beauty and used to create many different effects.

Building award winning water gardens for over 20 years. Accolades include: Southport Flower Show & Tatton Park RHS Flower Show. Let us create a unique feature in your garden. Our water features are created using natural stone, pebbles and gravel to give a natural look which can blend in seamlessly with the surroundings of a traditional garden so that it looks like part of the landscape or can create a stark contrast in a more contemporary setting...

Different effects can be created from your feature with the use of a number of pumps depending on the size of the feature, this can create a flow ranging from a slight trickle to a powerful cascade of water that creates an audible as well as visual impact . We also create hard landscaping designs not just around our water features but as landscaping contractors without water and are Marshalls Registered Contractors offering 10 year guarantees where Marshalls products are used as well as offering planting services, design and construction

A covered gazebo makes an ideal retreat from the sun or a cover on cooler days.


Tatton Park 2014 - Knutsford, Cheshire.


Our 2014 show garden 'The Water Garden' at Tatton Park recieved a Silver Medal.
We would like to thank the students from Myerscough College and volenteers for their enthusiasm and help.

Rectory Garden Plants supplied all the colourful perennials for the 2014 show garden - Click here to visit website

Ladybrook Nursery supplied all of our larger plants, trees and hydrangeas - Click here to visit website

Woodstyle Joinery for the loan of the beautiful mustard pavillion.

We would also like to thank Dave and Rob for the loan of the marsh plants.

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2014 Medal Winning Garden - Silver

Tatton Park Show Garden 2013

If you would like Harry to design your garden please call us on 07860 780011 or 01695 422 603 or email

Click here to view pictures of our show garden.

Click here to download the show garden plant list.


RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2013

The Pond Company show garden at Tatton Park RHS Flower Show Cheshire 2013

Our garden 'The Water Garden' will comprised of a waterfalls, streams, a beautiful summer house, oak swing seat hanging in an oak arbor, a patio using Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Golden Sandstone Paving. All this complemented with fantastic plants, tall trees, and coloured Perennials and a reed bed to filter the water.

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2013 Medal Winning Garden - Silver Gilt

Tatton Park Show Garden 2013

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If you would like Harry to design your garden please call us on 07860 780011 or 01695 422 603 or email

Click here to view pictures of our show garden

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2012 - Silver Medal Winners!

We constructed another show garden at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Parkin 2012. Our show garden comprised of a reed bed, water fall, patio with a beautiful timber pavilion, bog garden and some beautiful plants surrounding the garden.

We won Silver at the Tatton Park Flower show 2012 View our garden at the RHS website - Click Here


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