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These demanding fish require a carefully controlled environment. It is often said by Koi keepers that they are not keeping Koi so much as keeping perfect quality water in which the Koi live. The right building process is the key to building a successful koi pool.

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Koi ponds are a specialist build and often require a complex concrete base with built in bottom drains. Large Koi ponds are often constructed from concrete blocks rendered, then fibre glassed for optimum strength and sure waterproofing. Reliable pumps and quality filter systems are essential to ensure the overall health of the ecosystem.  Some of the components involved in a Koi pond are as follows:
A skimmer to collect leaves, pollen twigs and debris from the surface of the pond.
A bottom drain is particularly beneficial where there are no rocks on the bottom of the pond as they allow heavy solids to be drawn down to a mechanical filter.
A mechcanical filter can come in a variety of different styles: vortex, brushes, matting, sand and gravel, sieve screen or settlement chamber.
A biological filter is used to convert the nitrogenous waste from the fish.
A UV light will make the algae form into clumps thus making removal easier.
Water and air pumps are used to keep the water moving through the filtration system.

A major step in ensuring that your Koi pond is successful is knowing what you are doing during the building stage of the process. This is why The Pond Company have been entrusted to build a number of Koi Ponds for prestigious clients.

This koi pond with waterfalls was constructed in Culceth and also shows a beautiful pavillion to the side of the pool making this area of the garden usable all year round



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